No day but today.

I vividly remember jotting down my resolution list at the start of the year with much determination and hope... later recalling throwing it away some months ago in a fit which I'm not proud of but has been happening frequently (disappointments on loop).

I'm sure it's not all so bad, but it does get to me every time on how I've allowed myself to go through the same roundabout, turning and hustling while being a little whiny with my self. How much hustling does one need to achieve for some sort of positive result to show?

Honestly, it's been taking a lot of energy and the returns hasn't been encouraging but a dear friend of mine reminded me about perseverance and I guess that's the theme come the new year every.single.morning.

Whatever it may be- go at it and get it done because even if it doesn't yield rewards... you'll know that you've tried and that feeling will always be better than the regrets of what if.

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