By default.

I thought growing up would mean that I can finally have my own say in life- what I eat, what time I sleep or when I'll travel. I was just waiting for the day to come when I could just call to "let you know" instead of "can I..? but as we know it, adulthood is far greater in challenges than our little childish mind could even comprehend.

The parents finally stopped the nagging but the bosses/clients shifted your emotions into another gear altogether...not forgetting the other family members (if you are married).

The bills wouldn't stop pouring and the advice of taking your time in love, in relationship and marriage wasn't just a consoling phrase but a loud warning- Too late, already here.
Time appears to be on a constant iOs update and even if you refuse the change, it will to lag and hang your system with the only way back to normalcy is if you yield into and update- love>marriage>babies.

I don't want to seem defeated with my choice of topic today but I am slowly grasping the more ways we have to give and take in adulthood and it feels like I'm being cornered more often than not.
Oh youth! Oh selfishness, why oh why did I ever thought of rushing you.

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