Clean it Zero.

If you haven't already heard of this makeup remover, well then... it's better late than never? I got to know about this makeup remover when a friend back home asked for help in getting one for her. Clean it Zero is one of Banila Co's signature product and after using it for months, it does clean my face to zero makeup!

It's a balm kind of cleanser that rubs off waterproof makeup as well but if you have sensitive eyes and you wear waterproof mascara that even Bioderma makeup remover doesn't remove- I do recommend using a separate eye remover (I'm using L'oreal if you are wondering) as this balm may get into the eyes and it's plainly uncomfortable thereafter.

I've been trying on many kinds of makeup remover from sheets (that dries up) to liquid ones and I found this to have a better travel ability- it doesn't leak and you can scoop (it comes with a spatula inside the tub!) just enough for a week (to keep it hygienic) or for the days you need to travel. 

Super plus point for you OCD and frequent travelers yes?

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