The place to have Beef Cutlet in Japan!

Where to have the best beef cutlet in Japan? Well, Kyoto Katsugyu is the place to satisfy your hunger, if you enjoy meat.
These deep fried beef cutlets or fondly known as Beef Katsu, is crispy on the outside and medium rare and tender on the inside.
We also tried the Tuna Katsu and it was a great set to have (half beef, half tuna) if you are fickle and can't decide on one.

They serve draft Yebisu beers and it's usually a full house- So, go at weird hours (late lunch/early dinner) and you don't need to queue at all!

There are outlets everywhere in Kyoto alone, if not you'll be able to find their stores even in Osaka, Tokyo and Fukuoka to name a few.

We went to the Kyoto Katsuki Kyoto Station Front which is situated just behind Kyoto Station and came out happy and fulfilled. ^^

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