Daegu Food Trip!

Daegu (do you remember Oh My VenusDaegu Venus *dimple pop*. Yes, that little city in the drama) is famous for its Mak-chang aka pig's intestine/stomach parts, a must go/must eat if you are a spare part fan.
We took the KTX from Seoul to Daegu (2 hours ride). So, if you are planning to go to Busan, you can consider doing Seoul-Daegu-Busan or if you are only doing Busan- you can consider a quick ride to Daegu to stomach in some stomach.

First stop for brunch, a soupy daechang-jeongol (large intestines stew). This 진미식육식당 establishment has been featured on TV a few times and we were super excited but hmph it didn't quite live up to our expectation. It lack something, that certain oompph but it was a good try regardless.

Different region produces different soju brands and Charm was Daegu's very own- It was our first time trying it and we like how smooth it was, almost like Jeju's Hallasan soju. 

We don't have monorails in Seoul, hence we were pretty ecstatic to be taking anything not underground- it was a breath of fresh air with a brighter view too!
To digest our soupy brunch, we took off to a cafe (pictures on the next post), ordered some coffee and a dessert whilst soaking in the beautiful sunny day before heading to the next location for a late lunch.

I'll have to be honest, it was hard to stay away after the coffee break-I just wanted to sleep and wake up with more energy to eat! 
So, we walked and walked to help us digest the carbs to the "Gopchang street". 
Yes! A row of restaurants serving the same thing- big and small intestines.

John did some research and we decided on the most popular spot called 성주곱창 (Sungju Gopchang) and boy were we satisfied! 
It was about 4pm when we arrived and we ordered the set with 3 different spare parts and of course, rounds of Charm soju to wash it down.

We headed to another coffee shop (for a 2 hour intermission) after our heavy feast to prep our stomach for dinner. This was the coffee shop that help us roast our coffee beans when we still had Lazy Coffee.

Dinner was the highlight in our itinerary- beef sashimi!
We were all geared up but unfortunately the restaurant was closed!!! Those websites that stated they were open on Sundays were all lies...

We ended up in a random restaurant to have Korean BBQ instead.
It was good although they didn't serve any beef sashimi but they had beef tartare bibimbap that was a stellar!


We took the KTX back to Seoul after dinner with no supper that night.

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