Klavuu High Coverage Marine Collagen Aqua Cushion (Review)

Hey hey hey!
Welcome back to another K-beauty post and today I will be kick starting another chapter of reviews- the Korean Cushion foundation.
I only started using cushion foundation after moving to Korea and the 4 seasons (or age) has been changing my overall skin texture/conditions drastically.

It's Spring now and I don't know if it was my laziness the last couple of weeks that really made my skin dry or the change of season. 
I never had to factor in the season when I was back in tropical forever Malaysia but coming here and having to (mandatory) change skincare/cosmetics with the season- I'm still trying to figure out the right concoction.

So, if you remembered my previous post on Klavuu's Pearl Mask, this cushion foundation is another top best seller from their line. 
It has great coverage even with the first puff of application but if you have really dry skin, this coverage could highlight your dryness even further (especially in Winter). 
In my honest opinion, I reckon this would work flawlessly on normal to combination (oily) skin type
but if you have dry skin, you better be prepping your skin with some oils and finishing off with a face mist (during the colder days).

I shall be updating back here in Summer when it's humid, because my dry skin will not be so dry then right? 
It would probably give a different result as well.

Nonetheless, this is a cushion I would recommend for it's great coverage and high SPF qualities. 

The price for this Blue Pearlsation High Coverage Marine Collagen Aqua Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ cushion is 30,000won and it comes in shades #21 or #23 which is the standard 2 option shades available in Korea for majority of the cushions here.

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