Walking on sunshine.

Looks like Spring is just around the corner, temperatures are moving away from the negatives and it's getting brighter longer in the day. I love it when it's bright and sunny, it helps me from feeling lethargic. The trees are still bone naked, no sight of flowers yet in Seoul but isn't it scary that we are about to zoom past March?!

It has been an eventful past couple of weeks, forcing out the adult in us to motion.... There are many times in this year alone that I long to be a kid again. Like waiting for my dad to come home to take me to the grocery store- we'll walk around each aisle and I could practically fill the cart full without the care in the world and not to mention, FREE rental! *cries.

The achievements/stability I imaged of myself when I reach a certain age is far different from what i'm experiencing now. I'm not entirely discouraged by the present state I'm in but I'm not proud of it either...

Count your blessings, don't compare them.

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