Neogen Black Volume Cream

Since finishing up my last tub of Laneige Sleeping Pack, I decided to try the Neogen Black Volume Cream as a sleeping pack substitute and I'm glad to report that it has been a great hydrating option.
Yes, you can actually use this Black Volume Cream as a regular day and night moisturizer but well, I do prefer using it this way and have been for months.

Neogen Black Volume Cream packaging is very functional and the spatula is very sturdy!
The texture is actually in gel form not cream and it absorbs rather quickly leaving a thin layer that isn't sticky.
It feels like putting on aloe vera gel but slightly thicker. So what you do is, after using the spatula to scoop the amount needed, use your fingers to spread it all around you face and neck.

I can't say which works better as both brand does the job on hydrating the skin while I sleep... Nonetheless, I strongly believe in rotating brands every couple of months, so that your skin will not be immune to it.
I don't know, maybe it's a mind thing but this practice has been working for me (even back when I was in 365 days tropical Malaysia) and far more impact now that we have 4 seasons here in Korea.

This is a product that I would purchase again but there are so many overnight mask brands I've been eyeing on and we'll see how fast i'll get to rotate back to this.

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