TMR : Tea Making Room

I've been under the weather-flu, headache for days with fever this morning and boy has been draining.
Our home is nearly done with the major furniture in but the the thought of unopened pile of clothes and more boxes to sort is overwhelming.
Just yesterday, I was hemming the curtains for 2 hours and I've another half to go.
Nonetheless, here's a throwback to the cafe in Daegu we went for coffee and dessert.
I was impressed with the strawberry cheesecake and the strawberry milk latte is such a pretty drink.
There are insane amount of cafe options all over Daegu (or Korea in general) that you'll probably need 
to check instagram hashtags to see what's buzzing...and it was exactly what I did and I'm glad it wasn't a letdown.

Tea making room opens at noon all year round and it's situated in a quaint neighborhood.
You can find the (map) here, if you are planning on visiting Daegu.

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