I was looking back at my past journals and reading posts I wrote about my (previous) days... It was entertaining and while reading I was borderline startled at how cool I seemed to be back then (haha) No, but really, I would have befriended my old self.
I'm sure I've changed over the years, better and worst (I don't know) but I do find looking back to be helpful. 
I seem to worry less back then, had balls to make things happened because I knew far less to be afraid and it was great...

So, my point is for you to start a journal- a book or a blog, write what you are thinking in all honesty 
and when the time might just give you that encouragement, that kick in the butt, to light back the spark.

That spark that can start a fire!
...cause darling, the future be lit! 

My past self would love my present now, cause I'll be pouring her a fancy cup of flower tea. Hah!

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