What's Up, Doc?

It's the time of the year when iced anything is top on the menu and while we were walking around Itaewon, we stumbled across 
this Japanese inspired eatery called Our Commune
The bingsoo poster was so attractive, we went in and ordered the green grape bingsoo and it was yummeh!

Can you believe we are already in May (?!) and while we are currently still enjoying the windy breeze of Spring the hint of Summer's heat can already be felt.
So much has happened the last couple of months that has kept us on our toes...the anxiety that came from surprising events are still testing me in ways I don't wish to feel...

Some consolation though is that we are moving to a new home with lots of sunlight = more rent money = more hustling needed
but yes! at least we are moving forward!

I've been trying to park my thoughts- not over think things and meditating on His promises.
We are indeed more than conquerors!

:: MANGO stripe top/ H&M looney tunes mom jeans / BYJAP bag / ASOS silver sliders ::

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