Numero 8 Mask.

Mask tip: Once the sheet is starting to dry out, 
pour out the extra juices and put it under the mask (directly on your face) 
for better absorption and longer mask wearing time!

Numero Seoul is a fairly new brand that just started last year and I was instantly drawn to the brand's aesthetics.
Their first ever product was the Numero 3 day essence (which I apply before my moisturizer) and I still use it till today.

Numero 8 is their second and latest product- a sheet mask that has anti-aging / anti-pollution properties.

This mask sheet comes with a netting cover (most mask above $4 has this extra cover) that helps with handling the mask with ease.

I wish I could love this mask more but the end results aren't a wet soaked face (which I'm so accustomed to) but a deep penetrated dry face (as all the extra juices were soaked up). I went on with my day without putting any extra moisturizers but just sunscreen and my skin felt a little tight throughout the day as I have dry skin.

If I do get to try this mask again, i'll probably slap on a thin layer of moisturizer before heading out but nonetheless, I would think this is great for people with normal to oily skin type as the matte-ness is quite appealing to some.

Numero 8 Mask is retailing at a promotional price at 32,000won (for 16sheets).

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