Abalone rice

Welcome back to another homecook/recipe post. 
Ever since I stumbled upon the famed rice cooker Tomato Rice moons ago, 
I've been loving the idea of putting everything in one pot and just turning on the rice cooker! 
I especially adore the fact that it take so little effort to elevate a simple pot of rice!
 I even mixed tomyam paste in the rice water for better flavoring
when I'm doing my take on the Tomato Rice and I love how aromatic and flavorful it is!

So, we had some steamed Abalones (using raw works the same) laying around and I had a lightbulb moment!
I marinated the mushroom in oyster sauce, soy sauce and sesame oil (leaving it aside for 5min/ or overnight if you have the time) before mixing all together in the rice pot and let it cook!  

*Rice/Water ratio is the same as per normal white rice and you can substitute abalones with chicken!

That's it! It's simple to make and tastes even better the next day!

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