Jeju Pork bbq in Seoul.

Jeju is famous for their (black pig) BBQ and we found a spot here in Hapjeong, Seoul that is pretty legit!
The side dishes provided were really good and quite unique with the yellow bean stew (pictured above)
that we haven't seen at bbq joints till now.
If you are planning to drink- opt for the Jeju "Hallasan" Soju which is smoother in taste.

The pricing here is quite standard and the main factors on how we rate a place 
is by the side dishes, the quality of the meat and of course, the price.
We'll be seeing more of this place that's for sure and if you are ever in Hapjeong...
craving for some Jeju style BBQ (with the fish sauce dip),
you can consider dining here.
It's situated near the Hapjeong subway station, just behind Mecenatpolis Mall- isn't hard to find.

Opens everyday from 11-11pm
Map to "Jeju Samdadon" 제주삼다돈 is here / Hapjeong station exit 9, walk straight and turn right.

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