Hope Arise!

It has been a surreal couple of days for my home country Malaysia and like so many of us, 
we are just overwhelmed with gratitude to God for delivering us this victory.
Indeed there's so much to be done (and undone) but there is now new HOPE.

I've always been following the news back home and the weeks and days leading up to the elections were so disturbing that I actually cried so many times as I pray for God to help and heal our land.
It was terrible that we couldn't cast our votes at the embassy for this election and worst that my ballot papers only arrived 
on May 8th (there was also a tricky part on finding another registered Malaysian to sign as witness at the last minute and then have the papers to sent back by 5pm on May 9th)- I was robbed from my vote.

I told my mum about how I couldn't vote because of this and she comforted me by saying that 
your prayers have reached God's ear.

Indeed it did and like so many of us- i've been glued to the phone for the live telecast since the morning of May 9th, then the waiting of the swearing in, and tuning in for interviews and news right up until this very day! 
I've never been so engrossed with the Malaysian political scene like knowing which minister now holds which position, etc...(I could really get an A in Malaysian history, if I was back in school!)

Malaysia Boleh has a different ring to it now ey?

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