virtual outfit: another week.

being optimistic is the only way i know. -- if clothes could blush... Mon-Fri. --- day + night. Saturday. Sunday.

picture mood today: cooking and you.

[source] this is one lovely kitchen.

virtual reality : fresh romance

so happy to know that Song Hye Gyo has a new photobook out! 송혜교의 모먼트. which makes this the 3rd book in my book wish-list. so anyway, since...

me today: mandu.

i've never wrapped this much of mandu(s) in one sitting so far in my life till today. it was fun and kan cheong at the same time. brok...

virtual outfit: a week.

you make me feel like dancing. a week. by theheyheyhey featuring jersey shorts Sunday. Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday. Frid...

me today: kimchijeon.

went all the way to Ampang to get some korean products. saw a parking space, parked and 2 seconds later, 2 cars double parked in front of m...

song of the day: Lim Jung Hee 임정희 – Clockwork 시계태엽

i just finished watching a movie when i got into the washroom and randomly remembered this song. it was one of the songs i remembered rememb...

me today: korean cooking class.

i have always wanted to do this, so i did! (finally) with a dear k-pop fan+friend together in hand, we conquered Korea Plaza! :D i really d...

fur for me!

i don't know what's prolonging this intense fur fetish i'm having. i wanna be somewhere cold!!

me today: rabbbit nails haha.

as i was painting my nails, i made a random mental wish that i would be bestowed a lifetime supply of this particular color or this would ne...

me today: birds fly over the rainbow.

so i decided to spend a little $ on the window that i stare at almost all day, everyday. lil birds to keep me company, didn't sound like...

me today: glasses

saw this last year, and it finally reached our shores.

song of the day: Speak to Me Gently - Future of Forestry

love waits for you.

notepad: The Message Bible.

Glad to know i'm on track with the bible reading plan. Reading the message version is really entertaining and while reading it, i was wo...

True Love Waits "mini conference"

come one, come all! :)

song of the day: First of May- Jacky Cheung 張學友

the godfather of asian swag. my friend just got married. she sang this song during the dinner with her husband. sweet! :)

me today: fan mail.

I've never send a fan mail before... till today. i acted on it! my virgin fan mail. i hope it gets there safely with much love. ㅋㅋ So, ...

forgotten birthday.

Jan13. thhh turned 2! totally slipped my virtual mind. so anyway, let's celebrate! BUY 1 GET 1 FREE* (shipping included - malaysian add...

song of the day: 사랑에 빠져본 적 있나요 Acoustic Ver. -Standing EGG fear Ra.D

man. collabs with two of my favs :)

me today: goodbye goldie.

i was speechless, couldn't really decide if i was happy or fully understood the choice i made. i laughed at how demure the color turned ...

me today: city Saturday.

that day felt like a Sunday. the sky was getting cloudy-er as we got closer into the city center. it drizzled when we got in. +if i ruled t...

one cute 토끼!

to the rabbit year indeed!

me today: socks in mind.

i'm going thru a socks fetish... season. the culprit could be the time when i was in korea and the only thing i could buy were, socks. ...

L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche® Nutri Shine

The beautiful FAN BING BING joins L’ORÉAL PARIS as their latest L’Oréal Paris Star “dream team” spokesperson. Seriously, just by looking at ...

virtual outfit: red socks.

red is on my mind. many times in a day. forecast. by theheyheyhey featuring long sleeved tops

notepad: phases.

i believe we all have phases, outfit phases. i remember that one time i had everything in pink, and the other time, only buying "vintag...

me today: catching up.

over dinner we got to know that we'll be "aunts" in August! its' surreal :) after dinner, we sat down over coffee,tea,milk...

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