An Autumn Picnic.

One fine Sunday, John got an invitation from his buddy to go on a picnic with his little family and since it was still warm enough for a breezy outdoor soiree, we said yes and walk across after Sunday service to the park.
Hangang park at Yeouido (the park outside "Yeouinaru" station) is a popular spot with families, couples and singles alike pitching their tents and dozing of with snores no less. 
Parking is free on the weekends as well!

I always wanted to fly a kite, and finally I got around (and cave in) to buying an overpriced tacky plastic eagle kite from a seller at the park and for my first kite flying experience, my kite sure got really high! I was very impressed with my kite skills (so did the rest), I sure think I've unearthed my kite flying much so I got a minor neck sore afterwards because of looking way up at my kite. ^^

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