A day in a life.

I can't believe it's already June!
The sights of cherry blossoms has turned into a huge bouquet of (mostly) roses along the sidewalks and it's getting pretty warm with bugs in sight.

Haven't been out exploring the city as we are working 6 days a week, boo...but let's see:

A new restaurant cum pub called "Brocolli" opened right across our store, making it easier to host friends that pay us a visit after office hours.
The only kimbab I crave for as of late is by "김선생 aka Teacher Kim" which has 10% rice and 90% ingredients! Slightly pricier than the usual kimbab but the flavors are good.

Been slightly obsessed with Soohyang -a soy candle brand with the prettiest offline store villa in Sinsa-dong that houses an array of scented candles
which are Seoul-awesome! If you have a weak spot for packaging/branding, you'll probably go broke in here!

Best part yet of June is:
John and I will be taking a short weekend vacation to Japan this week and it's gonna be our first time!
We will be carrying our own camera each because John said so and I shall update photobook style when we get back!

Till then, how do you like the new layout? :)

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