Ramen Beravo, Mangwon-dong.

It must be the Japan withdrawal kicking in, some what.
I knew about this place as it's just a stone throw away from our office and read good reviews online.

So one rainy afternoon, we decided to drop by for lunch and although the overall soup bases and noodle texture were good- what we had in Fukuoka kept our taste buds feeling like something's missing.

Ramen Beravo's chicken chashu however is on a league of its' own! I've never tasted chicken quite like this- there seems to be an outer layer that is silky, somewhat gelatinous but immensely delicate (I don't know how else to describe and google can't seem to help me find the correct terms/words or even picture).

That chicken chashu is a winner, if you are in the hood and wanting to try it- make sure to add in the chicken!

Address and opening hours can be found here.

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