Hey Miss Water!

I've been pretty adventures as of late, trying on different kinds of moisturizer to see which suits my skin best for the changing seasons.

My skin condition is sadly still dry especially around the mouth and nose area, no one product alone has worked perfectly enough to keep it moist throughout the day but thankfully besides the dry area, there hasn't been any breakouts.

I've been adding oil into my day routine as well before putting on moisturizer for that added layer especially before putting on makeup.

The latest on my skincare line up is this Banila Co Miss Water & Mr Oil SLM gel cream which absorbs into the skin speedily. 

I love this packaging- it comes with a spatula that sits perfectly in the inner cover and the texture looks like mini beads which dissolves with a gentle swipe on the skin. It isn't sticky nor oily although I must say that if you have major dry skin, a serum beforehand is needed for that extra moisture boost.

This is a wonderful summer pick if you enjoy gel base moisturizer- the scent is relaxing and it doesn't linger around.

More K-beauty picks coming right up!

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