Oh Lolly Day!

As superficial as it's gonna sound, I wanted to go to O.L.D (Oh Lolly Day) ever since I saw it on my instagram feed because, well... sunlight and pink errrthang on the rooftop.
Their business days are only from 1-22nd of every month- I know right, how cool to have such long breaks to look forward to every month.

This place is packed and you can't have your drinks on the rooftop like what I've fantasied (this we only found out when we stepped in to order).
The building has 3 levels- Ground where you order and drink your coffee (finish up your chit chatting and coffee before you are allowed to visit the rooftop area), the 2nd level is where their mini shop is situated (notebooks, pencils, handmade soap) and then the rooftop area is where you sit around, snap a picture or two (a customer even brought his own bluetooth speakers to chill) and then we finally understand why they made the rule.

It's quiet impossible for people with drinks to leave the rooftop area, they might just sit throughout the day making no room for others to share in the fun.
Once is enough because it does feel quite rigid with the rules but mostly, there were no cakes available.

O.L.D is no longer in operation, this particular shop has a new owner/cafe

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