Taipei in a glance.

I'll pause for a post on Japan by revisiting the backdated Taiwan trip I've planned to post about since last year!

If you remembered this post, Taipei was the most spontaneous trip we had to date! Woke up on Saturday and decided to go on a trip that evening itself or the next morning! Initially we wanted a relaxing villa getaway like Danang, but it was monsoon we ended up in Taipei!

It was one trip I'm glad we made because once our store opened weeks after, we only have Sundays

We went to most of the tourist spots like Jiufen (that supposedly inspired Miyazaki's Spirited Away), Pingxi that are gorgeous but insanely packed with people making it less magical and food spots in the city itself- leaving out the huge night markets because we were constantly stuffed (it was also an excuse to come again another day).

If you are wondering where are the food pictures, it shall be up next!

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