Ichiran Ramen, Fukuoka.

This was our very first meal (and draft beer) in Japan- the infamous Ichiran Ramen that is originated from Fukuoka.
Locals and foreigners alike can be seen dining here and because we were a little earlier, we skipped the queue and into our individual booths for our ramen fix.

You'll need to buy the ramen ticket from the machine outside before joining the queue- it's straight forward with picture and simple instructions (I read the instructions on their website beforehand because I didn't want to get lost in translation) but phew! forms in english, korean and chinese were given upon entering and you'll be able to tick on your preferences like how thick you want the noodles to be to the spiciness level for the broth as well as additional items if you are still hungry when you are inside.

So don't need to be kan-cheong and order the whole selection because you can top up while you are seated in your booth, mmkay?
They were selling packed ramen outside as well and people were buying by the dozens as souvenirs to bring home.

Ichiran locations across Japan can be found here.

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