Dr.Jart+ Beauty Class.

I was invited to an afternoon with Dr.Jart in their super cool flagship store in Garosugil, Filter Space in Seoul where they held a mini beauty class and introduced to us their new Cicapair range to combat skin sensitivity and the fine dust we have been experiencing in Seoul along with some useful skincare tips.
I've known this brand for years but haven't gotten the chance to try it till now and I must say that i'm impressed. 
If you adore Kiehl's and Aesop skincare aesthetics, you might like what Dr.Jart has to offer as well! 
There were a tray of products and they took us through with detail and below are my personal Top 3 picks for starters. 
1. The Everyday Sun Day Sunscreen has anti blue light formula that is beneficial for many of us that are constantly using the computer/phone on overdrive everyday.
2. If you are looking for a serum to add into your routine, you can consider the the Cicapair serum which leans towards a thick gel texture but it's easily spreadable for a healthier complexion.
3. It's important to make sure your hands are clean before removing your makeup. Make it a habit if you are not already doing so. Dermaclear Micro Water is a cleansing water that helps remove makeup and dirt- do invest on a good remover as a clean skin is a big step to healthy skin.

The beauty class ended with a silk screen activity that we all get to do and keep.
There's a total of 3 floors that you can explore in this mega store with cool gadgets and staff that will recommend the best suited line for your skin concerns.
If you have dry skin like me- the Ceramidin range is recommended.

Do drop by if you are in this hip part of town!
Opens daily from 11am-10pm.

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