That's what I like.

The trees are awaken from their slumber, with little buds sprouting with a hint of pinkish flowers appearing- It's official Spring in Seoul!
I miss swimming terribly, the dates with my girlfriends tremendously and being with a group of creatives immensely.
Nonetheless, I'm beyond thankful everyday for this place I'm currently in- a roof over my head, love in my arms and shoes in my size.
I often see elderly people doing their cardboard pickings with shoes and jackets that don't fit their tired bodies.
Their perseverance though in rain or shine whacks my lazy ass back to place to never take what I have for granted and the petty things in life so hard.

Now that it's Spring, I feel like i'm not ready for the heat that Summer will bring...I keep catching myself with the "i'm not ready for this...that...this that, blah blah blah" remarks and I do find myself a tad bit whiny, it all happens in my head (i'm quite ok in real life).

I reckon it's because the reality of how real all these adult responsibilities are that is creeping me out- I'm not ready to be more adult.

How did I end up at this age so fast I wonder
but wow how far we've come indeed.

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