It cost something...

Everything has a cost, a trade in for a cash out... monetarily or in kind.
You use up time in work, to buy comforts in life.
It's never a clear calculation but it takes some to get some.

You nurture a choice hoping it will grow but loose some along the way for there's only so little time/funds/ability in a day to spread out equally.

An example are the girly dates to birthday parties I get to savor through pictures and the sudden cloud of gloom from feeling left out half way across the ocean hasn't been easy to digest... in fact, it gets harder each year.

I don't regret the choice I made for uprooting to start my own family, but what I (think I'm) missing out back home can be overwelming, at times.

At least, we have the internet and facetime as a consolation.

Can't we have it all? 
I suppose we can, if we have a private jet plane and a weld of overflowing funds.

Yes, money can't solve everything but it can solve most things...unfortunatly. 

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