A&W, PJ.

I'm glad we managed a trip to A&W this time around before the wall comes tumbling down by the end of the year. *pouts*
For nostalgia sake, I called up for a waffle sessions with my aunts who were the ones that brought me here for my waffle+float fixes when I was a younger kid.

Nothing has changed in terms of the interior since my last visit many years ago but the fascination, that spark is no longer present except the ones that we can recall and revive from... It's a pity to see something that my aunts grew up having in the 70s and the birthdays I went and had there as a kid are now something in the past, but then again- nothing remains.

John however got to see and taste a small part of my childhood and that itself was a consolation, now that we have more things in common (knowledge)! hah!^^

We ordered waffles and floats to share and I was so impress with my motor skills when the waffle came- I went autopilot cutting em' into cubes and separating the butter into the squares before drizzling now the syrup cup like how it was.

The float doesn't taste quite the same but the waffles still hits the spot!

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