G'day Sydney!


I went to Sydney especially for the Hillsong Conference this year and it was a surreal experience to be there with a stadium full of delegates from all around the world worshiping and hearing the Word of God together.
Their theme this year was "No Other Name" 

It's incredible to know and see what is God doing in the nation and through each of us and the powerful reminder of His Name- Jesus.
If there is a chance for you to go, I highly encourage for you to do so.
This is their teaser for next year's conference:

April next year, the Hillsong Movie is going to be out! It's going to be about their worship team "Hillsong United" that started off as a youth worship team to a worldwide sensation.

Pancakes and ribs at "Pancakes On The Rocks"

Bourke Street Bakery

Paddington Market

The conference started at 9am right to 9pm almost everyday- hence, we had no time to scout around for the yummy food since most of the restaurants closes early! 
I probably didn't enjoy touring around Sydney as much because of the lack of time and research.
Nonetheless, I would jump on the opportunity to attend the conference again.

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