Seoul it's fusion food.


If you are planning on a trip to Seoul, you might just want to consider getting lost in Hongdae-Sangsu-Hapjeong. It's a triangle point in which you can start from any of those 3 stations- there are vintage/affordable clothing shops, art stores(because Hongdae is where Hongik University is situated), small quirky cafes to restaurants that are literally in between each other. 
Which bring me to an idea- I probably should work up a food map on recommended eateries by locations.

If you have cravings for serious cheesy pizza, you may want to consider going to 제임스 시카고 피자/"James Chicago Pizza" in Hongdae (Hongik University Station, Line 2) because they 
are really generous with their cheese (all the way into the crust). Coming back, I realized that there's another restaurant in Hongdae with the similar name called "Chicago Pizza" (that has a better interior). I don't know who started first but I must say that menu/restaurant-concept-copying has been more apparent lately! (for instance, the acclaimed Softree ice-cream that had tom, dick and harry kim, lee and park opening opposite each other).
When you are at James'- I highly recommend skipping the spaghetti (i want my money back) but go for every pizza there is!
Will I go back to James'? Maybe after I take a go on "Chicago Pizza".

Next, it's a relatively known spot for the locals called "소년상회" located in between Hapjeong/Sangsu which dishes out fusion Korean fair. The 보쌈/bossam (boiled pork) here is one of the best bossam rendition I've had!! The fried garlic topping had me thinking of home... 
and anything that can get me thinking of home is delicious.
The creme pasta wasn't too heavy (jelak) and the ingredients used for the sauce really brought out its' taste that's unlike the regular carbonara.
That's the 2 dishes I tried + enjoyed while having it paired it with a girly bottle of Bernini Classic Sparkling Wine.

Disclaimer: The sushi car was just a random shot I took while walking and it's not the entrance to James Chicago Pizza. ^^

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