DIY: Pre-Wedding Shots.

Initially, John wanted a fuss free pre-wedding shoot in a studio here in Seoul and I was determined to shoot it ourselves with cherry blossoms bursting the scene! We went back and forth and upon great compromising (on John's part) we bespoke a suit, bought a gown, remote control and set out on our journey!

By the time the gown arrived, most cherry blossom places we knew about was due... nonetheless, a last minute tip from his parents took us into a wonderful testimony filled journey!
It was foreign for both John and I since it was our first visit to Yeongam without being able to recce the area beforehand.
We were changing in the car at the outdoor parking lot (a cherry blossom festival was going on) and I was putting on my gown, touching up my makeup and hair whilst feeling tense! It didn't feel like cloud nine being in a tight situation at such a peak season and location that made me feel like I bit more than I could chew.

We did not know where to go but determined to shoot in a place with lots of cherry blossoms minus the crowd (totally my idea).
It really seemed impossible with the obscene amount of people that were gathering under every tree!
Our innocent souls didn't even know we were driving passed the famed 40km Cherry Blossom Tunnel and almost shot beside a tombstone where we pulled over because the trees were blooming perfectly without anyone nearby. We took some shots at random places and even waited of cars to subside for a few shots- while we were trying our best to beat the annoying couple drove by, saw what we were doing and pulled over about 50meters away just to take their cameras out to record our antics. They were photobombing left and right and into our faces! I was annoyed by how inconsiderate their actions were and knew I only could edit them out later for the lack of time.  Urgh.

To cut the long story short- we were starving and I gave up looking because I felt so bad for the roadblocks we were facing the whole time but thank God for John who was trying to be super layan / accommodating that he took that extra turn and spotted a park on top of a hill. It was our final try and when we got up- perfection!
After we wrapped, got changed...we laughed and talked over dinner about what actually happened in our minds (phew!) while promising him that we will not go through this hassle again (hmm) and how thankful our hearts were to Jesus for leading us to that Secret Garden!

Here are tips for outdoor shooting that will be helpful if you are doing it without help from your friends:
1. Buy a remote control (running up and down will waste precious time and energy)
2. Bring along your tripod (flash too if you need)
3. Mirror (to touch up on your makeup/hair)
4. Songs on your phone to set the mood.
5. Pinterest on your phone or tablet (it will help you remember those poses you pinned)
6. Wearing slipper/flats to walk to your photo spot (you don't want to be dirtying those new kicks)

Featured in The Wedding Notebook.

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