RECIPE: Sanjeok 산적 (Festive Snack)

Sanjeok 산적 is one of the festive snacks Korean household aka daughter-in-law (duty) prepares the day before.
Things you'll need:
-Wooden Stick
-Crab Stick
-Spring Onion
-Korean (kimbab) ham
-Korean (kimbab) radish
-Oyster Mushroom

1) Cut uniformed size of all the above.
2) Using a wooden stick- slide in uniformed crab stick, spring onion, korean (kimbab) ham, korean (kimbab) radish, oyster mushroom, crab stick.
3) Coat only the bottom part with flour. 
4) Soak the whole stick in an egg mixture.
5) Pan fry it on both side till the eggs are cooked.

Have a fabulous Chap Goh Mei from the both of us!

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