B for Blue

As much as we think that our actions are our own prerogative and what we do has no direct affect on anyone in the process- that's being ignorantly naive .
It's demanding when life brings you to a long wait or of bruises black and blue- it's real how many times we have/want to throw in the towel when the pressure of the world keeps knocking on.
Stop being a sissy- hang on, get back to His Word and see it through!

The trial that you are going through...
It's not even about you!
Is about the people that need to walk through you to get through their next part of this journey.

So if you stop, not only do you miss out 
but somebody who you are called to lead and encourage someday 
with what victory you did find in your season of trial misses out on all that God has.

It's not just about you but it's about somebody else.

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