A cosmos field

How are we only 6 weeks away to another new year?! 
I'm sure I'm not the only one feeling all kinds of why and whines...
what have I done with my life this year?? why hasn't the breakthrough come?? this, that.

Surely, time waits for no man and undoubtedly what's ahead just seems scary to ponder isn't it? 
The great, the bad, the perfectly imperfect mess of this little precious thing called life.

I can't recall clearly what actually had happened but thankfully, I get to refresh my memory by looking back on the scribbles in my diary to this blog's archive to remember His grace that has covered and brought us through the many rollercoaster months of 2017.

Next year seems to be a year I dread coming (a personal matter of keeping a promise).
I really shouldn't elaborate much, so that I may not cause hurt and disappointments but...
if you can spare me a prayer every time u think of me, pray for me.

I don't even know how to start to pray for myself on this pressing matter, maybe because I would have like to see my own success before having to "drop" and think about the next step someone would prefer me to be part of.

I do feel pressed for time and when I think about it, I cry.

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