Dr.Jart Ceramidin Mask Review

Welcome back to another mask review!
Today I'm trying on Dr.Jart Ceramidin mask (they have a whole range of Ceramidin products from face serum to cream) 
and this range is suitable for people who have dry skin.
So yes, I bought 2 different mask to try and i'll update again on the other Hydra Solution once I've tried it.

Ok, coming back to the review...I have no complains on this product. It seems to have the texture of their Ceramidin serum. 
The mask is soaked well with products and it doesn't give you that sticky wearing feeling.
You'll still need to put on some moisturizer after (if you are doing this in Winter and heading out to zero degrees) but I would think you'll get to skip the moisturizer part if you don't have super dry skin generally or if you are doing this in Summer.

So, this is a straight forward mask. Use it on a clean face and then, tone your face (if possible) 
before placing on the mask for 15-20mins. 
Use any remaining serum on your neck or back on your face even after you've taken off the mask!

Dr.Jart Ceramidin Facial Mask is available at places like Olive Young for 4,000won per sheet!
Till the next mask~^^

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