Yeonhui Gimbab 연희김밥

If you like spicy food, i mean if you can handle spicy food- you should drop by Yeonhui Gimbab for their Spicy Squid gimbab that comes in mini and regular size rolls.

Gimbab is available everywhere in Korea and what makes this place THE place for us foodies is the spicy squid gimbab.
So, if you don't like spicy or squid, then you don't really need to come all the way here...
BUT if you do, this is the only place I don't mind going out of the way for whenever I crave for gimbab!

So here below is how the 오징어꼬마 / spicy squid mini gimbab looks like.
We ordered 6 mini rolls because why not?

...and this are regular size rolls- normal gimbab and 오징어김밥/ spicy squid gimbab.
It taste somewhat like sambal sotong but spicier in a different way.
So yes, John and I actually managed to finish 5 mini rolls and 2 regular rolls for dinner because our stomachs CAN!

They used to have only one place in Yeonhui-dong (hence the name) and it was hard to go if you don't drive and don't know how to take the neighborhood bus but they have since opened up a 2nd outlet which is accessible via the subway Line 2 and it's in Sinchon Station (come out at Exit 1 and walk all the way up until you see the yellow signboard). Here's the map if you wish to go.

Only takeouts available and the mini rolls are priced at 1,000won each and the regular sized gimbabs are priced from 2,000won onwards which are pretty standard (in price) anywhere else.

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