Lip Lingerie Swatches.

I'm such a fan of NYX cosmetics ever since my girlfriend passed me one of their Soft Matte Lip Creams a few years back... 
and then, I started acquiring more and more and even bought the vault!
Their pigments and price points are reasonable and it's been hard to refrain myself from getting their eyeshadow palettes too.

Today I'll be swatching NYX cosmetics Lip Lingerie in Satin Ribbon (if you are going for the nude lip look) 
and Teddy (my favourite!) which looks like melted milk chocolate on your lips.
The formula for Lip Lingerie is pigmented, dries matte and may look a wee bit cakey on your lips if you start layering it.

It's a pity I don't get to wear Satin Ribbon as often because it can look super pale if there's no smokey eyes to balance it out.
Nonetheless, if you have a nude shade and want to get more wears out of it-  try lining and filling your lips with a red lip pencil before applying the nude shade for a more lively hue.

I'll continue to update the blog with mask reviews (I hope it has been helpful?) and I reckon
a lipstick swatch library could be of use as well?
I don't have much but perhaps it will be informative if you are looking to get the same shade ey?

Ok, I've been skipping on face foundation lately and just going out with skin moisturizer and sunblock.
The Cicapair cream by Dr.Jart has been my summer day skincare routine as I've been quite lazy for the other product steps in the morning. It's feels like a cream balm and it does prevent my dry skin from cracking.

Hera has been my sunblock brand for so many years now but I just noticed that it doesn't say UVB protection? hmm. I'm almost finishing this tube and have gotten an IOPE sunblock for a change, I will be blogging about it and we shall see how it goes but for all that's worth, Hera has been sitting so well on my skin, it's a pity but hey! a cheaper alternative is always good.

So, to divert the attention from my no foundation face- I've been using the Curl Fix Mascara from Etude House which I absolutely adore!! (It really keeps your lashes up the entire day!) and lipstick.
I usually do red, if I am skipping on blusher as well and yes, the 3ce eyebrow shaper pencil i've been using for many years now is still my favorite go to.

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