Bikini Restaurant, Bali

We had dinner here at Bikini Restaurant on our last night in Bali and it was such a satisfying meal! This place was recommended by a friend and thank goodness we heed her advice and had such a great meal there!

It's a pretty upscale place to dine hence it was a wee bit pricey for the portions but it was well worth it!
I could have use another 3 rounds of cocktails and 2 more of that yummy pandan dessert if I could...but I was content!

I would recommend most of dish I posted up there (tartare, chicken and pork all yummmy)
but leaving behind the pork skin corn thingy (as it was too mushy for our liking).
Never skip dessert! Or if you only want dessert- do try the kaffir lime pandan dessert which had us all agreeing that it was simply outstanding! Right from the visual to the different components bursting with flavors in a mouthful- It was a refreshing end to our little fancy night out!

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