How to: Glico Lotus Rice Mix.

One of the things John and I love to do when in Japan is to spend our time strolling aisle by aisle in the grocery stores! 
We try to buy as much as we can carry afford... but I tell you it's so hard with the language (how do we cook this? what sauce is this? wasabi for?), all the cute packaging and mostly, short shelf life! 

Nonetheless, I finally opened up this Glico lotus rice mix for lunch today 
and it's such a quick and easy meal to make and most of all delectable!

So, when you open the box, you'll notice 2 packets.

Wash 3 cups of rice (I cooked 2.5cups) and mix in the sauce from the small golden packet and hit the cook button!

Once your rice is cooked, pour in the large packet that contains the lotus and friends. 
Mix them well and serve or close the lid to keep warm (if you are not eating right away).

It's full of flavor, you don't need any other dish or sauces to accompany the rice!


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