Lancôme L’Absolu Gloss Swatches.

Welcome back to another episode of Lipstick Swatches!
Today i'll be swatching Lancôme's L’Absolu Gloss in Cream and Sheer.
There's a score of shades available in their L'Absolu Gloss range and the ones I have are subtle yet very sweet to look at!
Depending on which range you pick/prefer (Cream, Sheer or Velvet Matte) the finishing are different. 

The colors I have are very similar in shade and the difference can only be seen if I compare it side by side. 
The Gloss Sheer 222 is needed semi translucent, has an orange base and a glittery shine that makes your lips juicy to look at. This would work as a top coat if you have a matte lipstick shade you would like to gloss up!

The Gloss Cream 319 is nicely tinted with a pink base and does make your lips looking healthy and plumpy!

Both of them are great in terms of pigment and texture, so it all boils down to which shade you prefer. 
I mean, it's Lancôme after all- they really know what's up!

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