Gwangjang Market: Beef Tartare

Gwangjang Market is a popular place for both the locals and foreigners to look see, shop and indulge in some local delicacies.
Popular dishes such as bin-de-ddok (빈대떡) / mung bean pancakes, kalguksu (칼국수) / knife cut noodles,
mandu (만두) /dumplings to small bites such as fishcakes and mini kimbap or popularly known as mayak kimbap (마약김밥) can all be found here! In short, a jammed packed food haven!

Today, i'll show you our favorite place to have beef tartare!
This restaurant is called Zamezip (자매집) and beef tartare is served here all year round but we usually crave it more during the colder days.
Order the beef tartare rice and of course a whole plate of beef tartare and wash it down with some soju! Their restaurant has gone through some refurbishments and it looks clean and welcoming with picture menus! So don't worry about the language part, you can point and pay after you are done with your meal.

**Zamezip is open from 10am-10:30pm and closes every Monday.**

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